Nights in the Dark




released January 13, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab



all rights reserved


CALIFORNIA X Amherst, Massachusetts

Lemmy- Guitars
Dan- The Bass
Coal - drums
Zack- Explorer



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Track Name: Nights in the Dark
you called out to me
then you stayed all night
and I could open my head into the dark
never hope, cuz I don’t know what you could loose-
another fickle one and its over

just give me time
cuz I don’t want to leave anybody behind
you can leave your mark
but I don’t want to bleed all alone in the dark
so please be kind
and I will share these NIGHTS IN THE DARK

how did you steal
through all those nights before
all I felt was your hook, a chain- that was all
Pleasure and Pain, it’s all the same when I’m with you
and there's no sun that could shine now to save me

every single thing you said, oh
that as hard as I fought for my soul
you had to tear it apart
every single thing I did oh
was a knife in my heart
but tonight is a night in the dark-
and this one is ours
Track Name: Red Planet
sun’s setting right by my house
and its turning all red on the iron ore
I watch it almost every dusk
and I’ve never felt this bored before

met everybody at least twice
and I’ve hit another social wall
how could so much empty space
make a planet feel this small?

Red Dust, Red Clay
red dust is all I know
everybody on this planet is gone
and i’m never going home
don’t you know that i hate it?
don’t you know that i’ve waited
for something like I had before the fall
before I flew away
Track Name: Ayla's Song
Track Name: Hadley, MA
the streak of a long translucent tail
stretching ahead
and scudding nightly on the gale
flashing lights, glowing white, low and clear
crossing the sky in lazy arcs
then turning on a dime
at angles steep and wild

we were reaching out
denying the cold black silence
to prove we’re among or alone
but i never thought that’d be comforting to know

dreams like a song float through the air
out from a thousand eyes-
unblinking, unaware of what
two briefly gazing minds can find in there
Track Name: Blackrazor (pt. 1)
beyond the deepest listening post
a message vibrates through the mist in the tunnel
I’m travelling down. . .

this plane is old, where life and light erode
a demon bade me, yeah i followed through a portal
I’m travelling on. . .
Track Name: Blackrazor (pt. 2)
how can I take back what is fixed?
why bother to try and change what has to be
as if I’m free?
where could I go? What could I do
but travel to the pulsing cavern?
-and there were you:
hanging in the air and whispering your will to me

something about you makes me sick
is it the fine, black aura that I feel,
to which I yield?
If I only could have died
before you reached into my mind
saw the one gift you could find there to bestow on me

rest your handle in my palm
will you flood these pale and withered fingers
with strength to draw?
vision i’ve had there’s a vision i’ve known
there together at the end of time
when all is hopeless
you’ll waste me to the bone
it’s set in motion now

I’ve felt darkness rise in my heart
BLACKRAZOR is trying to turn it on
there’s nowhere i can choose to stay
I cannot do those things they want of me today
it’s no good now, I gotta travel on. . . . . .
Track Name: Garlic Road
Track Name: Summer Wall (pt. 1)
lay down, roll me on the floor
until this heat wave’s come and gone
maybe i’ll just sleep until its over
maybe i’ll just seep out on the lawn

lay down, only for a while
another sick day’s all I need
lately I’m around here all the time
maybe I’ll just sprout and go to seed
Track Name: Summer Wall (pt. 2)
time slides along
it goes so easy on
but when i hit that summer wall
i think i’ll crumple like before
until the leaves we’ll pile
gust and scatter on the road
in the evening light remote
from the first gold stains of dawn
that drag me on
when i don’t have that spark of life i ought to
i’ll take this sick day on the lawn
its where i spent the last one
and on and on